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‘Our aim at danubioHomes is to help you find the most suitable home in Budapest to enjoy your stay’

The following information will help you to avoid many problems when renting a property in Budapest

Looking to Rent a Property in Budapest?

At danubioHomes we are dedicated to helping you find your ideal rental property. We believe that renting a property is no reason to accept anything less than the perfect home and it is no surprise that more than eight out of ten tenants in danubioHomes managed properties renew their lease for another year.

If you are looking for a property to rent danubioHomes has hundreds of flats and apartments to let in Budapest. Furthermore, if you have special rental requirements, including short term tenancy agreements we can help.

With over 10 years’ experience in the Budapest real estate market, we’ll ensure that we find the right home for you, whatever your property requirements are. We offer an extensive range of services to help you along the way.

Find a reliable letting agency

The first step to rent a home in Budapest is to find a reliable letting agency. We recommend you to choose a letting agency that has an exclusive contract with the owner of the property, something that is not so common in Budapest. Many flat owners prefer to rent directly by advertising online or contact several agencies to let their property. We recommend to choose only those owners with the license to rent their houses and declaring to the Tax Office their income.

Renting directly from the owner might seem the best choice, since the first thought is that the rent would be cheaper, but there are other issues such as to sign a fair contract, the real conditions of the rented flat and hidden extra expenses. Do not become a victim of some scam!

Professional property management companies in Budapest may be more professional than landlords when it comes to handling repairs and maintenance. Some individual landlords in Hungary may be less willing to spend their time and money on repairs.

A landlord who handles all the property management work may not always be available when you lock yourself out or have a plumbing emergency, while you can expect a property management company in Budapest to provide this service.

A professional property management company in Budapest may be a stickler for rules and procedures, such as doing move-in inspections and rekeying of locks with every new tenant, less emotionally involved than an individual landlord and more rational at arriving at businesslike compromises. The attention of an individual landlord in Hungary may sometimes be more intrusive than desirable.

Besides, one important issue that foreign renters need to consider is that the vast majority of Hungary’s landlords do not speak foreign languages, which makes dealing with them very complicated, even beyond legal and financial difficulties. Real estate agencies can be very helpful in this regard.

Therefore, avoid renting a flat, an apartment or a house directly from the owner to avoid possible problems and many hassles. 

On the other hand, many properties are available at several agencies that advertise them with different photos and description. You may not notice that they pick out same real estate from several agencies’ database. Given the above if you decide to visit properties with many agencies, there is a risk of seeing the same property twice or more. This is going to be a waste of time and money for you.

We recommend using one letting agency to find your home in Budapest to avoid such situations. We at danubioHomes are happy to discuss your choices, especially since many properties advertised on the internet are already rented out. If you let us know about your favorites, we can check their availability. Trust us: we are at your service!

Know what you are looking for

It is quite difficult to decide where you would like to live in Budapest and what kind of flat o house you can afford without having any personal experience about everyday life in Hungary.

danubioHomes will help you find out which districts in Budapest or neighborhoods would be the most suitable for you taking into consideration important aspects such as: location, local amenities and distance from workplace, Universities or from shopping centers.

Rental fee and other expenses

The monthly rental fee is fixed and related costs or utility expenses, water, electricity…, are dependant on your consumption. The common cost is calculated in advance and determined by the condominium.  Utility expenses are also paid by the tenant in addition to the rental fee.

Rental fee is usually paid in Euro or in Hungarian Forint. You shall pay security deposit equal to 2 or 3 months rental fee above the first month’s rent. Deposit shall be paid in advance, before handover of the real estate.

Handover of the property

danubioHomes gives a helping hand at the time of moving: we take pictures of the current condition of the property, prepare an English-Hungarian inventory list and a handover protocol. We record the status of the utility meters, check the keys and if all household equipment is in working order. It is always helpful to have English manuals to the equipment that we can arrange for as well.

What you can expect form danubioHomes:

  • A lease agreement that protects your interests.
  • Respect for your privacy and other tenant rights.
  • Clear and honest communication.
  • Prompt service handling repairs and other problems.
  • Reasonable rent increases (if necessary).
  • No hassles regarding return of your security deposit.

“The specialist advice and the local knowledge provided by a danubioHomes makes the rental process smoother”

Get in touch with us. You’ll be glad you did!

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