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Template: Inspecting properties

Would you like to take a trip to Alicante to look around before you purchase a Spanish property? You might have the chance to do it for free! Follow this link to find out more.

We offer trips for our eligible customers

Find out whether you and your partner are eligible to be invited to Spain by rentbudapest

 In order to purchase a property in Alicante and to help you choose from the wide range of available properties, rentbudapest offers to organize an inspection trip for you, during which you will have the chance to purchase one or more properties at the same time.

 spanyol ingatlan vásárlásAt rentbudapest we believe that this is an excellent opportunity to explore the area, not to mention that we help you choose your future property.

The inspection trips are personalized for each of our customers. At rentbudapest we can show you the different neighborhoods for you to have a general idea about the services and the infrastructure, and we also give you advice and share all the necessary information with you to make your decision.

The inspection trip is enjoyable and casual, since it is based on an informal plan. Just bring your camera, a comfortable pair of shoes, and some sunscreen – the rest is on us.

During the visit we explain all the details of the potential purchase, including the total cost, the annual maintenance costs, and the legal procedure. Furthermore, we can show you where to find the best deals to buy furniture and home decor; what’s more, if you wish, we help you open a bank account and apply for a loan to purchase your new property.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

During your stay you will have the opportunity to reserve your future property by paying a deposit, this way the price will be fixed and the property will be withdrawn from the market.


With rentbudapest you can be sure that you receive comprehensive assistance and consultation services.

The Inspection Trip

In order to create a foundation for a firm and trusting relationship with our clients, and to be able to offer the best deals and properties that meet their expectations to the highest possible extent, we ask our clients to fill in the following form.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

With the help of this we will be able to evaluate your unique circumstances and find the most suitable home for you.

The clients who prove to be eligible will have the opportunity to find the home of their dreams in a 3 to 4 days long inspection trip to Alicante provided by rentbudapest.


We help you find your future property while you enjoy an unforgettable experience in Spain.

Find out whether you are eligible for the free inspection and call this number now: +36 70 634 2499

Frequently Asked Questions


spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

How much does this cost me?

Inasmuch as a purchase takes place via rentbudapest, we pay for the flights as well as for the accommodation.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

What is the duration of the inspection trip?

The visit organized by rentbudapest usually takes 3 to 4 days. During this time our colleague will show you as many properties as possible within your price range, as well as all the locations that you might find interesting in the area.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

How many people can take part?

rentbudapest provides trips for max. 2 people. In case other family members or friends would like to join, they have to pay the costs for themselves.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Is there any obligation to purchase?

There isn’t; our aim is to find the ideal property for you, which meets all your expectations and wishes. However, we are certain that our properties are the best on the market, and you will fall in love with one of them.

If you are currently not in the financial position to be able to afford purchasing a property, we suggest that you postpone the trip until you reach the necessary budgetary situation.

The Sales Process

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Getting in contact

Once you have applied for the inspection trip, an agent at rentbudapest will contact you in order to arrange a meeting in our Budapest office, and he or she will inform you about our service.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Organizing the trip

In our office our consultant will inform you about the inspection trip, the available property types, the process of purchasing, as well as the options of taking out a loan in Spain or your own country.

Following this, we create a list of the properties you will inspect in Spain, in accordance with your needs.

During the meeting you will also agree on a suitable date for the inspection trip.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Arriving at the airport

When you arrive at the airport, the consultant at rentbudapest, with whom you have kept contact on the phone, will take you to a local hotel, where you can rest a little before going to inspect the properties. In some cases the consultant will travel with you from Budapest.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Inspecting the properties

During the following days our consultant will accompany you to inspect the carefully selected properties, their surroundings, and all the important locations nearby. You will also have some free time to relax during the trip.

We arrange the inspections in a way that allows you to have a rest between each viewing.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás


spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Arriving at Alicante airport, where our consultant meets you and takes you to one of our hotels. After that, depending on the time of your arrival, you set out to explore the first route to get to know the area.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

Breakfast at the hotel, then we begin the inspection of the properties that suit your needs most.


spanyol ingatlan vásárlásAfter a short rest we evaluate the properties that proved to be the most suitable for you. After this, you and the consultant visit the chosen property again, and he or she helps you to reserve it. You also receive assistance in applying for a NIE number and opening a bank account in Spain.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

At the end of the inspection trip, the assigned agent takes you to the airport in time for your flight. This way, having completed your mission, i.e. finding the home of your dreams, you can return home.

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

If you decide to purchase one of the properties we have shown you, the consultant prepares all the relevant documentation to reserve the property, makes an appointment with the local lawyers, helps you to apply for the NIE number and open a bank account in Alicante.

  • Returning to your own country 

spanyol ingatlan vásárlás

After you have returned to your country, we commence the procedure of applying for a mortgage and the preparation of the legal processes of the purchase-sale transaction, as well as the signing of the purchase-sale contract.

  • Contact Me

    Contact Me

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